Tree Stump Removal Croydon South London

Large Tree Stump Removal in Croydon

“large tree stump removal in Croydon”

Despite the ground conditions and the work going on around the tree stump and services running directly next to the stump, London Tree Stump Removal Company still managed to remove this large tree stump to allow building works to commence all within on day.

The builders on this site discovered the tree stump buried under soil whilst levelling the ground, unfortunately it was directly hampering the ground works from progressing; the digging out the stump with the use of the large diggers that were on site was not an option due to the tree stump size as well as the services running next to the stump also being an issue.

We were called and attend the site on the same day of enquiry to carry out the stump grinding so works would not be slowed. We got to work surveying the ground around the tree stump and detected live electrical cable that was then isolated by the onsite builders, we then got to work setting up our tracked stump grinder that use very useful due to the terrain around the stump, new cutting teeth were put on and fuel and oil checks carried out.

“Stump grinder form another angle”

Once we started stump grinding it was clear that there was a cavity in the stump that made our work slightly easier, this must of been the reason that the tree had been removed by previous tree surgeons.

Throughout removing the tree stump frequent teeth were changed and fuel where added to keep the machine working at its optimum, and to limit any unnecessary stress to the machine.

The stump took 2hrs to stump grind the old stump to wood chip this included the odd break.