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London Tree Stump Removal Company has served London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex for over 8 years, removing tree stumps for home owners as well as projects for the 2012 London Olympics and Royal Arsenal Development. REQUEST A QUOTE

The Latest Stump Grinding Machinery

We have made a continual investment in the latest cutting edge all terrain stump grinding machinery from Germany and the U.S that enables us to deliver a high standard of both work and customer care.

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Great Service and a ‘Can Do’ Attitude

All of our employees have come from an Arboriculture background, once climbing the tree lined streets of London to now operating cutting edge stump grinders.

We have adopted a can do motivated attitude when it comes to customer care that we strive to build on leading the way in stump removal.

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At London Tree Stump Removal we want to offer our clients a perfect service. We will not consider the job done until each and everyone of our client is 100% satisfied.

We also like to manage expectations and that’s why we are  completely transparent with our straight forward rates and no hidden fees.

Not convinced? Read on and see what some of our customers are saying about us.

What Our Customers Say

“Jonathan was excellent. Very nice guy and he did a really good job on my stumps. I asked for them to be ground fairly deep as I wanted to replant on top and that’s exactly what he did. He was a very nice guy with a really powerful grinder. If your looking at having a stump removed look no further. You can get a fast quote by visiting the website and uploading the details and some pics of the stump to be removed. This means you get the quote back quickly. Excellent service and would definitely use him again”

Tony, London

“Used London stump removal recently, we were putting up new fence panels and there was a very large tree stump in the way, they quoted via images and removed the next day. Very pleased thank you.”

Olivia, London

“Recently used London stump removal company to remove a large oak tree stump from my garden. I got a very reasonable price quote for the amount of work involved. Everything was explained in detail and on the quote.
They came round and did a great job, turned up on time, and got on with it. They also left my garden tidy. I would use them again.”

Chill, London

“I filled out the online quote request form to remove two tree stumps from my front garden. The price was reasonable so I booked in the work to take place the following day. The work was carried out with no fuss with their machinery very quickly. Great response time and service. I would highly recommend the London Tree Stump Removal Company.”

XX, London

London's leading tree stump removal co, covering all of London's boroughs

Although we are based in Beckenham, Greater London, within the London Borough of Bromley,  we don’t shy away from travelling further afield to help customers in needs.

However, below are the areas where most customers get in touch with London Tree Stump Removal Co.:

LondonKentSurreySussex – Waltham forest – Sutton – Richmond – Redbridge – Merton – Medway – Maidstone – Kingston – Hounslow – Hillingdon -Havering – Harrow – Haringey – Greenwich -Enfield – Ealing – Dartford -Croydon – Canterbury – Bromley – Brent – Bexley – Barnet

Frequently asked questions

The most efficient way to remove any size of tree stump would be with the use of a stump grinder operated by a trained insured professional. Most tree stump can be removed in under an hour with a professional stump grinder.
You will see many attempts of people on YouTube for example attempting DIY tree stump removal by burning, use of winches, trucks being used to pull out a stump and with the use of chemicals; unfortunately it just isn’t ever that easy and there are no short cuts to removing a tree stump; one in three of our jobs that we attend are the result of a homeowner attempting to remove a tree stump themselves to no success.
Tree stump removal cost can vary from £100.00 upwards, there are many factors when quoting for a stump to be removed like the size of the stump, access to the stump, obstacles around the stump including utilities, if gas and electric are present then this could result in extra precautions being taken.
Using the latest technology in stump grinders enables us to grind the stump at any depth below ground level, we have many different sizes of stump grinders for all size of tree stumps, there isn’t a tree stump that we will not be able to remove unless the surrounding features hinder the stump grinder from operating.
Epsom Salt can kill any regrowth, but the tree stump will still remain; the only way to truly remove a tree stump is to remove it with a stump grinder.
An average tree stump should take no more that an hour to remove, this would include ground prep and pre machinery checks “teeth sharpening” and erecting safety guards to contain flying debris.
The burning of tree stumps is not an effective method to completely remove a tree stump, the volume of fuel and time needed would not be appropriate not to mention the impact to the surrounding area.
In order to stop any regrowth some over the counter chemicals may work but only in the case of some tree species, these would be mostly garden shrubs. The use of root kill or branded chemicals like stump remover will have no effect in most cases.
The species of a tree will be the deciding factor of how quickly a tree stump will break down once the tree has been felled; the oldest known tree stump is in eastern California’s white Mountains and is believed to approximant 4,8050 years old.
A tree stump depth can vary from tree species, but most would be approximately 400 – 600mm from surface level; Our stump grinders are capable of removing any size of tree stump at any depth.
Not only do tree stumps look unattractive in a garden or outdoor space but they also play host to parasites that can compromise neighbouring trees and shrubs.
Bigger the better when it comes to grinding out a tree stump, the more power the easier it is on the operator and less strain on the machine. Stump grinders come in many shapes and sizes form a pedestrian stump grinder that requires an operator to physically move the stump grinder over the stump to more larger stump grinders that are often self-driven and operated by an operator using manual controls.
A chainsaw has little use when removing a tree stump, you may see chainsaws being used to cut through lateral roots, in these cases the saw becomes blunt very quickly as its not designed to cut though tiny particles stone and soil.
In most cases it would take an hour to remove a tree stump, that would include prepping the area around the tree stump, safety checks for utilities, erecting safety guards to contain flying debris and then the clear up.
After a tree stump has been removed only the grindings will remain these are made up of a fine wood chip and soil, they are then backfilled into where the stump once stood and levelled, in some cases the hole that remains is left empty to accommodate the replanting of a new tree.
It would not be advisable as the grindings may be the result of an acidic tree that wouldn’t make a good start for young grass roots; we would recommend that a topsoil be applied to ensure that any new grass would take to the soil conditions.
Professional stump grinders start off at around £8,000.00 to as much as £70,000.00; there are smaller stump grinder on the market form China but these will not be up to the task of removing a stump bigger than a cereal bowl.
Prior to stump grinding the stump would be lowered by the operator with a chainsaw, this speeds up the stump griding process and in turn creates less of an impact on the stump grinder as well as less chippings as a result of grinding out the stump.
If you need to remove a tree stump with minimal ground disturbance to the surrounding area, then stump removal with the use of a stump grinder and trained operator is the most efficient way.
As long as the root plate is attached to the stump absorbing moister and nutrients form the soil there may still be regrowth in some species of trees.
In the case of a large tree stump the root plate will be substantial, we attend many building sites all over London where builders have used diggers to try and dig out the stump that has resulting in some cases days of lost work hours and due to the root plate being lifted it has resulted in damage to the surround area. The safest most efficient way to remove a large tree stump will be with the use of a stump grinder and trained operator.

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