London leading tree stump removal service removing large tree stump

tree stump grinder

A number of hazards present themselves when removing a large tree stump.

In this case the tree stump pictured was discovered by builders that were levelling the ground in preparation for a car park to be built. The safest and most efficient way to remove a tree stump of this size would be to use the services of a professional tree stump removal company, with a suitably sized professional stump grinder and a knowledgeable operator that adopts a safety first method of work.

When attending this stump removal the ground was scanned for underground services like gas and electric, the consequences of hitting services underground can be fatal which is why pre checks are carried out before any work commences.

Once an operator has carried out pre site safety checks, safety checks of the stump grinder will start with all fluids and a cutting teeth change, of removal of the tree stump can start.

The removal of a large tree stump like the one pictured took 3hrs in total.