Safety measures prior to removing a tree stump

Safety when carrying out stump grinding.

It is important if you are natural gardening, that you ensure that anything you do within the garden is carried out safely. When it comes to using a tree stump grinder there are some crucial measures that should be carried out prior to stump grinding.

Tree stumps are often found in front gardens and on property boundary where utilities are often also located.

The consequences of striking a utility can be in some cases fatal for the operator or be of a inconvenience to the home owner while any utility is fixed.

The use of a cable avoidance device is a necessary measure that can be put in place to limit any such occurrences. The device is used to scan the immediate area around the stump, the `CAD` will make a warning tone when an electrical cable is found allowing the stump grinder operator to then mark out its course.

stump grinder at work grinding a tree stump

Once the ground has been scanned and marked can stump grinding can then commence.