Stump Grinder Hire or Stump Grinder Operator

Lets face it stump removal can be costly. To hire a stump grinder to remove a tree stump in the first instant can seem like the most cost effective solution.
What we have found over the years that some of our customers will commit to hiring a stump grinder  but with all the enthusiasm and best intentions  there are some key problems with this.

The stump grinder hired is under powered for the task, the cutting teeth are not up to the job , there are no spare teeth to replace any blunt or chipped teeth and then there’s the labour needed to operate the machine not to mention the risk involved operating a machine with moving parts underground where utilities like gas are installed.
Don’t get us wrong if you have a very small stump from a soft wood tree then hiring a stump grinder maybe a option for you.

From our many years experience of removing tree stumps across London and the south east we are well aware of the dangers and risks involved operating stump grinders so every measure is put in place to carry out a safe system of work for our operators and customers.

Our Stump grinders are specify designed to remove the entire stump with minimum impact to the surrounding area taking no time at all to remove the tree stump.

If you have a tree stump that needs to be removed and the only option is a stump grinder and you want some advice call us today.


Stump Grinder stump removal in London garden